The Black Line

This is a quick reminder of upcoming events and activities for you.

Firstly – good luck to all swimmers at County Devs this weekend, I hope you get the times you are chasing and for some of you that will include getting full County times. Let’s go Piranhas!

The next items relate to the Christmas Cracker. For those for whom this is new it is a fun night of races with teams made up of six year olds to parents. Each team will be timed and handicapped and then we race with handicaps to get the most fun we can out of an hour and a half! All the money raised goes towards club funds and it’s a great fun night. Lanes 1, 2 and 3 should be prepared to train straight afterwards too.

Associated with that is the club hamper raffle, which Sue Pearce is collecting prizes for. If you have any nice bits you can contribute (chocs, booze, food, smells etc) please pass them to Sue who will put them together for the raffle. Last year the ladies created eight very nice hampers – can we help them do more?

We will also have something else of interest to our swimmers. Lauren Steadman, paralympic swimmer and now paratriathlete (number one ranked in the world, by the way) who trained with us this morning has donated a load of her old GB kit for us to auction off for club funds. There are tracksuits, shirts, hats and all sorts in two massive bags. Maybe a few quid can be raised for the good of the club!

That’s all for now. See you poolside.