Black Line – April

It has yet again been a busy couple of weeks. I hope everyone has settled back into the training routine – always hard when you have had time off!

Mini meet

Well done to everyone who took part in the mini-meet series. A great forum for learning to race and putting into practice all you have learnt in training. Over the 4 events it has been easy to see the progress the swimmers have made not just in technique and racing but also in the confidence they have gained which is lovely to see.

There is a lot to learn when you first start competitive swimming from being part of a team, learning about the swimmer control area (whipping to some of us), racing, the joys of success and picking yourself up and training harder when things don’t quite go your way. These are all lessons that are applicable to day to day life and not just swimming.

Particular mention goes to Will Edwards, Jamie Coggins, Hannah Jordan and Olivia Corner who all received a medal at mini meet.

Thank you to all who helped poolside with the team and for those who donned their whites to judge and time keep. These events cannot take place without this bunch of fab volunteers.

Friday night training

Please take the time to read this post from the Friday night coaching team – it contains important information. If you have any queries or questions please contact the coaches directly.

Spring Shield

Spring Shield takes place this Saturday. Those selected for this team event should meet at the pool by 5.45 for a 6.10 warm up and a 6.30 start. We have a good record in this home gala so I am expecting great things – swim tough guys.

Fingers crossed the weather lasts and we can all enjoy a lovely weekend.