The Black Line – County Development Edition

Saturday session 1 saw us perform a very strong series of swims from our team, where we had almost 30 swimmers taking part. The boys were swimming really well with PB’s going to almost every other swim, while the girls were absolutely on fire.

Stars on Saturday included Emily Harmon, Livvy Pearce, Charlotte Elson but the outstanding swimmer of the session was undoubtedly Amy Leslie. Not only did she swim out of her skin, but she posted a PB in every event and showed a fantastic example to the junior swimmers. Amy has always been a pleasure to have in the team, but her support of the other swimmers and maturity shown in recent weeks at galas, especially the Pattern Transport Trophy where she literally held the hand of a very nervous swimmer most of the night, has really set her apart. Amy was the worthy winner of the team flag.

Sunday saw a slightly different team both swimming and supporting as John was off on a surprise holiday for his wife. The dynamic duo Sue and Lou were organised as always, clipboards in hand and the swim team were ready and taking no prisoners. Gavin stood in for John and Dick as team coach/manager.

Many of these sessions included mid distance events that are rarely swum so it is often difficult for the swimmers to judge pace and speed, however our swimmers have been building their winter training sessions and were ready and raring to go. Following a difficult split warmup session we were quietly confident.

Sunday saw a squad of almost 30 again and with a great session yesterday behind them expectations were high and boy did they perform.

Headline figures are exceptional

Sunday saw us take part in 82 races, set 63 PB’s, knock an amazing 704 seconds of their collective times!! and reach 29 qualifying times for counties.

Once again the boys were swimming well, with Mason, Tyler, Will Davies, Will Steel, Joel Jordan and Dan Belding all making a county time with the exceptional swimmer of the boys team being Henry Pearce who made 3 county qualifying times and swam one of the most sublime 200 backstrokes I have seen from any of our swimmers ever. His 26 second PB on 200 breast stroke was pretty decent as well.

So the boys were great, what would the girls do?

Step up to the mark, that’s what.


When almost every swimmers is smiling ear to ear, you know it is going well … confidence breeds confidence and this was certainly the case.

Pb’s smashed all over the place, with the following swimmers making qualifying times for the counties

Hannah Daley, Charlotte Riches, Emily Aston and Katie Ladds all made an event, Ava Lessing-Caller, Emily Harmon and Livvy Pearce made 2 events, Millie Steel and Amy Leslie made 3 events and the swimmer of the meet was Charlotte Elson with 4 qualifying times.

Memorable swims Charlotte Riches, Livvy Pearce, Emily Harmon and little Hannah Daley all posting brilliant 400 swims. Getting 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the girls 10yrs breaststroke with Ava, Millie and Bea Pauley was pretty fantastic. Seeing some of the swimmers that don’t race so often smash PB’s like Rory Royal, Josh Jordan, Emily Aston to name but a few, was a pleasure to see as well. Best smiles of the day, Charlotte Elson and Charlotte Riches were early starters with great races, Millie as always Livvy realising she CAN swim 400 free and 200 back and not just the 50 and 100 sprints she is famous for. But the winning smile goes to Emily Aston who waited 3 hours to swim her 50 and qualify for her first counties swim.

Remember theses exclude all the PB’s and qualifying times from Saturday.

Flag winners Sunday were Charlotte Elson for the morning session and Millie Steel for the evening session.

To be brutally honest there were so many great swims, outstanding PB’s, county times made and excellent performances that mentioning any swimmer in this edition of Black Line doesn’t do justice to the others. Once again the behaviour of the swimmers was exemplary and I would like to say a massive thank you to the older swimmers who showed a shining example to the younger swimmers on how to behave and prepare for a race and supported them with cheering and shouting during the whole event.

Thanks to the parents for their patience on 2 very long days, thanks to Sue and Lou for making my job a walk in the park and thanks to all the swimmers for another amazing weekend with the Piranhas.

Medal tally for sessions 2 and 3

Please note that we have not been provided with results sheets so these are from our wet and damp records and not from the judges … if we have inadvertently made a mistake, missed someone off, given the wrong medal etc, please don’t grab me in the corridor at the pool demanding retribution. You might just get the job of tallying up all the medals, PB’s and results next time.

Once we get the official results sheets we will post a full report on the website of times and places

All results are for relevant age groups

Girls 9/over 50m Butterfly
Millie Steel  4th,
Amy Leslie  Bronze
Charlotte Elson gold

Girls  9/over 200 Breaststroke
Ava Lessing-Caller Gold
Millie Steel Silver
Amy Leslie Silver
Charlotte Elson Gold
Charlotte Riches Gold

Boys 9/over 200 Breaststroke
Henry Pearce Gold
Daniel Riches Bronze
Joshua Jordan Bronze
Sam Gray Silver
Will Davies Gold

Girls 10/over 100 Freestyle
Katie Ladds Bronze
Charlotte Elson Silver

Boys 10/over 100 Freestyle
William Edwards Silver
Henry Pearce Gold
Thomas Blenkiron Bronze
William Davies Gold

Girls 10/over 100 Breaststroke
Ava Lessing-Caller Gold
Millie Steel Silver
Amy Leslie Gold
Charlotte Elson Silver

Boys 9/0ver 200 Butterfly
William Steel Gold
William Davies Gold

Girls 9/over 400 Freestyle
Hannah Daley Gold
Olivia Pearce Gold
Emily Harman Silver
Charlotte Riches Gold

Boys 9/0ver 50m Freestyle
Will Edwards Silver
Mason Christy bronze

Boys 9/0ver 50 Butterfly
Tyler Thacker 5th
Daniel Belding 4th

Boys 9/over 200 Backstroke
Henry Pearce Gold

Girls 9/over 200m Backstroke
Millie Steel Silver
Emily Harman Gold
Olivia Pearce Silver
Amy Leslie 4th

Boys 9/over 100 IM
Daniel Riches Bronze
Joshua Jordan Bronze
Sam Gray Silver

girls 9/over 100m IM
Emily Harman Gold
Amy Leslie Silver
Charlotte Elson Gold

Boys 10/over 100 Breaststroke
Henry Pearce Gold
William Steel Silver
Daniel Riches Silver
Thomas Blenkiron Gold
Sam Gray Sliver

Girls 9/over 200 Butterfly
Amy Leslie gold or silver
Charlotte Elson Gold or silver

Boys 9/over 400m Freestyle
William Steel Silver
Joel  Jordan Silver

Girls 9/over 50m Freestyle
Emily Aston and Katie Ladds both Bronze

If anyone wants to discuss their swim with me you know where I am Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday…

Next week … COPS mini meet!!!