Black Line – September

Coventry Sprint Meet

We travelled to Coventry for their annual sprint meet. This takes place in a 50m pool and in preparation those competing had a training session at Oundle the Wednesday before. We had a great day and every swimmer performed exceptionally well. At this stage in the season John is focussed on technique and execution of each race. That said we still had many PB’s and we had 16 finalists.

The swimmers race 50m in each of the strokes in the morning. The top 8 in each age group then qualify for the afternoon and race in a 200IM final. Well done all the finalists and our medallists – Emma Leslie Gold and Will Davies Bronze.


Saturday 26/9 saw us at the regional pool at Peterborough for the first round of mini-meet. This is a 4 part event which finishes in April 2016. Each swimmer swims a set program and points are accumulated over the 4 meets. This year as an added twist they are also planning on a skins event.

We had a great evening and the performance from Huntingdon was outstanding. Again lots of PB’s and some great swims. We performed well and our more experienced swimmers were right up there with Peterborough – always a good bench mark.

Last year when we attended mini-meet we were in a very early stage of stroke development for a lot of our younger swimmers. The work that the coaches have done over the last year and the progress the swimmers have made is really amazing and this showed in their racing – well done all.

Autumn Shield

This Saturday is the Autumn shield at home. Meet at 5.30, warm up 6.00 and start at 6.30. Any parents who have volunteered to help please can you get there for 5.15/5.30.
Deana is managing the team poolside with assistance from the captains – Liv Pearce and Will Davies.

Richard Shaw Memorial gala

This is on Saturday 10th October and will be held at Whittlesey pool. Meet 5.30, warm up 6.00 and a 6.30 start.


This takes place on Saturday 17th October at Whittlesey. Please meet at 5.10, warm up 5.40 and a 6.00 start.

Upcoming open meets

The closing date for the following open meets is imminent – COPS winter meet Peterborough and City of Coventry open Meet – both take place in November. All details are on the notice board and if you have any queries please see Sue.


Race kit

All swimmers should have the following kit when they are racing:

  • 1 or 2 bottles of water/squash
  • poolside snack – NOT sweets (if it is a full day meet swimmers should have their lunch with them poolside)
  • Swimming costume or jammers (if competing in more than one session a costume/jammers per session)
  • goggles + a spare pair
  • Huntingdon hat + a spare hat
  • Huntingdon Poolside top (T-bag)
  • Towel for poolside and one for getting changed
  • Tracksuit for poolside to keep warm
  • Flipflops for poolside
  • Something to entertain themselves with – we do not recommend any electronic items poolside and accept no responsibility for loss or damage.


Sarah Ladds and Sam Riches have kindly taken over responsibility for the raffles that we hold at club champs, home meets/galas and the Xmas Cracker. They have a list of all swimmers and will contact you on a rotational basis for contributions to the club champs and meet/gala raffles. The Christmas cracker is slightly different and we hope that everyone will contribute a luxury item/s for the beautiful hampers that we make up to be raffled off.

Club Kit

The responsibility for club kit (mesh bags/hats/poolside tops/bottles) has temporarily transferred to Sue and myself. We are aware that stock of some items is non-existent and are working to rectify this as soon as we can. It would be really useful if you would like an item if you could let Sue or I know. We are also looking at modifying our current system.