Blackline 25/11/17 – swimmer safety

Swimmer Safety

We have had another incident this week where a swimmer’s parent/s have not been present at the pool at the end of the session.

We have always requested that a parent/carer is in the reception at the end of the swimming session NOT when they think their child may have finished getting changed. For example if the session finishes at 9pm you must be in reception at 9pm.

Please don’t ask us to just go and leave them in the changing room as they will wait inside until you turn up – WE CAN’T WE HAVE A DUTY OF CARE!! – we have no choice but for one of us to wait until you turn up.

We are all volunteers at the club and we are not here to provide child care – if you cannot be at the pool for the end of the session please do not bring your child to that swim training session.

There are obviously exceptions to this where some sort of emergency situation has occurred and in those circumstances we will assist as best we can.

We would very much appreciate your co-operation and support with this.