Blackline – July

Dear Parents and Supporters of Huntingdon Piranhas

At the May 2016 Huntingdon Piranhas Committee Meeting, long term Piranha swimmer Beca Young (frequently seen in lane 3) proposed running a ‘Bonus Ball’ competition once a month with all proceeds raised going towards the club goal of purchasing NEW STARTING BLOCKS.

Coach John Richards has been busy sourcing starting blocks for several months and the ‘ballpark’ figure is in the range of £5,000 so Beca has taken on a long term challenge to raise £29.50 a month.

The £29.50 comes from the fact that half of the ticket sales go to the winner of the winning ball and the other half goes towards the fund. There are 59 numbers in the draw. If not all 59 tickets are sold in a month and the winning ticket had not been bought then all the ticket sales in that month would go to the club.

The Bonus Ball used is the National Lottery on the first Saturday in the month and Beca was able to sell all the 59 tickets in both the June & July draws.

Beca would really like to continue the trend of selling all the available tickets and with the summer break coming up in not too many weeks she would appreciate your assistance, particularly by buying tickets for August and September, if you can spare some loose change.

The tickets are £1 each and the only restrictions are you must be at least 16 to buy a ticket and they are sold on a first come, first served basis. At the moment Beca is selling tickets for the first Saturday draw of each month up to and including December of this year so if you would like to have the same number for the rest of the year £5 will secure that number in the remaining 5 draws this year.

Thank you to those of you who have already bought tickets.  If you have not, then it’s not too late to start; just see Beca Young, Karen Mansfield (who is assisting Beca and is at the pool most sessions in the week) or Paul Moxham (also in lane 3 these days) who will willingly sell you a ticket.

Good luck and if you do any buying online please have a look at where you can raise funds for the club with no extra expense to yourself!!!