Club rules

  1. All members to have access to a copy of the Club Rules upon joining, which shall be strictly adhered to.
  2. All new members are required to complete a membership form GDPR form  and standing order form upon acceptance.
  3. Members are responsible for paying their fees monthly by standing order on the 1st of the month, and Annual Membership of £55 on the 1st January each year. The closure of the club for Christmas and August are incorporated in the charges.
  4. Members whose fees have not been paid for more than two months will have deemed to have resigned their membership of the club.
  5. Members wishing to leave the club should tender their resignation in writing to the membership secretary giving one months’ notice and cancel their standing order.
  6. All members and team members are expected to wear team clothing, t-shirts, swimming hats at all galas when representing the club.
  7. Any member in possession of any club trophies must inform the Trophy Steward immediately of any damage incurred or repair considered necessary explaining the relevant circumstances in writing.
  8. All members for their own safety are to wear seat belts on any transport provided by the club when travelling to competitions, galas or club events. Non-members may travel on transport if seats are available for a nominal charge.
  9. Club members should not be involved in any conduct or activity that may harm or bring into disrepute the name or reputation of the club. Any serious misbehaviour by a club member during club time shall be reported, the considered by the club committee and Head Coach for appropriate action to be taken. The club has adopted the ASA guidelines for handling internal club disputes.
  10. Before any member be expelled, except where the members fail to pay their fees, the general secretary shall give the member seven days’ notice to attend a meeting of the committee or officers, which notice shall contain the particulars of the complaint made against him/her.
  11. All members are subject to the published Disciplinary Procedures as laid down, and amended from time to time, by the committee. The officers of the club have the delegated power from the committee, to impose temporary suspension or exclusion from any specific club activity. The decision of the officers of the club can be subject to a written appeal to the committee, sent to the general secretary within seven days of such suspension or exclusion.
  12. All coaches, teachers, poolside helpers, officials and persons involved with club members during any club activity shall complete the necessary safeguarding and child protection checks.
  13. The club shall adopt all the ASA child protection policies and procedures, and these shall apply to all members of the club.
  14. The club shall be affiliated to Cambridgeshire ASA.
  15. The swimmers, officials and helpers will be registered with the ASA and pay the appropriate fees via the club.
  16. The club is committed to treating everyone equally, within the context of club activities, regardless of sex, ethnic origin, religion, disability or political persuasion.
  17. The welfare of the children is the responsibility of everyone within the club to ensure children and young people have the right to have fun, be safe and protected.
  18. Any member who has a diagnosed medical condition or who is on prescribed medication must notify their coach or teacher prior to training or competing in an event and any necessary health care plan should be given to the club.
  19. All members are required to abide by the ASA/ISTC ‘Code of Ethics’.
  20. All members that are requested to represent the club in galas should notify the coach as soon as possible whether they are able to swim or not. It is an honour to be asked and if they are not available the chance should be passed to the next chosen member.
  21. All members should look at the noticeboard and website to check of they are required to represent the club weekly.
  22. If a member is representing the club at a gala, they must stay on poolside at all time unless given permission from the Team Manager to leave for any reason.
  23. All members representing the club at galas are asked to only take plastic water bottles on poolside and remove their own rubbish from poolside on their departure.
  24. All club members will have exceptional behaviour and follow instructions whilst on poolside representing the club at galas. Any member failing to do so will not be asked to represent the club again.
  25. Where open competitions have an entry criteria, all club members are expected to complete the criteria from known achieved times. NO club official will sign for Entry times that cannot be validated.
  26. Any member who should have a complaint shall put this is writing to the committee whom shall answer in writing after discussions.
  27. Dual members will swim 1st claim club championships only for the places but may swim 2nd claim club for time only.