Code of conduct: Coaches

Failure to comply with the rules below may result in action being taken through the disciplinary or child welfare policies, and may result in removal from the club.

  1. At all times, adhere to the Swim England Code of Ethics, Equality and Diversity Policy, rules and regulations, and Wavepower policies and procedures.
  2. Put the wellbeing, health and safety of members above all considerations, including the development of performance.
  3. Act as a role model for the swimmers, in an enthusiastic, encouraging manner.
  4. Wear club uniform to appear smart and clearly visible to all.
  5. Treat all members equally with respect, and value, whilst recognising individual needs.
  6. Ensure communication with swimmers is simple, clear, and understood. Listen to the swimmers when they have concerns, questions and comments and respond appropriately.
  7. Always ensure coaching and competition programmes are appropriate for the age, ability, and experience of the individual swimmer.
  8. Never exert undue influence to obtain personal benefit or reward.
  9. Coaches must not use their position to establish or pursue a sexual or improper relationship with an athlete, or another member.
  10. Encourage and guide swimmers to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance.
  11. Continue to seek and maintain their own professional development in all areas in relation to coaching, including completion of the ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children’ workshop every three years.
  12. Treat all personal data as confidential, except in circumstances where to do so would allow the swimmer to be placed at risk of harm.
  13. Observe the authority and the decision of the officials and only question those decisions in an appropriate manner.
  14. Do not drink alcohol, take illegal drugs, or smoke either before, or during coaching.
  15. Treat other competitors and teams with respect, whether in victory or defeat, and encourage all members to do the same.