At present, Huntingdon Piranhas train at the OneLeisure Pool on St Peter’s Road in Huntingdon. We use the pool from Tuesday to Saturday, and the current times are displayed at the bottom of this page.

New members will be required to undergo an initial assessment in the pool, to enable our coaching staff to get an idea of the swimmers’ current ability and potential. Once this has been done the swimmer will then be allocated a swim lane for training, alongside swimmers of a similar ability. Each group has a coach or teacher, and they will work with the swimmers on certain ‘drills’ to improve their technique and stamina.

As a recognised ASA Swim21 Club, this is exactly what we aim to do for all swimmers at Huntingdon Piranhas; develop their technique and ability in the water so that they can pursue their competitive swimming careers. It may be that your child has the potential to go far in the world of swimming, in which case our Head Coach will then consult with both parents and swimmer as to the way forward, considering all options as to training available at our clubs and  partner club such as City of Peterborough Swimming Club to enable the swimmer to achieve their potential.

Swimmers will progress ‘across the pool’ as they improve their technique, speed and ability. This will be monitored by the coaching staff who will consult with the Head Coach, and when the time is right they will make this move.

All our coaches and teachers are properly qualified for their roles, and they all hold the current ASA qualification relevant to their post. Everyone poolside (coaches, teachers, helpers and officials) has also undergone a DBS check, and as part of the ongoing swim21 accreditation, they have also attended the ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children’ course.

Our coaching staff are volunteers, and we are always grateful to them for their time and dedication to the role. Many are parents with swimmers in the pool, but as they progress or move on, so do the parents, which means that we are always looking to offer help to those who wish to train as a Swimming Coach or Teacher.

Once in the pool your progress will be noted, and importantly any times that you achieve in races will be recorded. This will give the Head Coach and coaching team an idea of which swim galas you might be suitable for. Our main goal is that you enjoy your time as a competitive swimmer, and realise your own potential.


Every swimmer will need to provide their own:

  • Swimming costume.
  • Swimming goggles – The standards and quality of these first two items varies greatly, but most of the well known brands provide a selection to choose from. Remember, you are training to be a competitive swimmer, not visiting the beach! Black is the preferred colour (for costumes) for all competitions.

In addition swimmers will need:

  • A water bottle – Very important. Water is preferred, but juice/cordial can be used.
  • Swim hat – Particularly for those with long hair, an absolute must.
  • Towel

All the above must be provided by the swimmer.

Other items you will need include a:

  • Swim kickboard
  • Swim pull buoy
  • Pair of fins
  • Net bag to put everything into

The club does provide floats and fins for all swimmers at training sessions, so it is not vital that you rush out and buy these items immediately, but in time you may want to get your own.

The club does sell most of these items, with the Piranhas logo on many of them, and they are available at the pool at all times. For prices and pictures please see the Club Kit page.

For galas and other swimming competitions, it is recommended that every swimmer brings along spares of each swim item, such as a spare swim costume, hat,  goggles and several towels. You never know when a pair of goggles is going to snap!