Volunteer Jobs Explained

For every home gala we always need parent volunteers, and as our children progress through the swimming club, so do our volunteers. Here is an outline of a few jobs which you do not need any formal training for (and you do not have to wear white!) These are the non-white, or poolside volunteer jobs. The requirements for all poolside jobs are that you are a member of an ASA affiliated club, and that you have a current DBS check. Any formal training, such as attending the Safeguarding & Protecting Children course, will be paid for by the club.

A separate list deals with the Officials jobs (whites) that we also need to be able to hold a gala.

For all home galas we need various volunteers:

  • A Recorder
  • Two or three people manning the door
  • Volunteers for the swimmer control area
  • One to two people to take drinks around
  • We always need an announcer at every gala
  • Assistant Team Managers
  • Electronic Timing Operator (AOE)

It is also important to point out that every club in the county is expected to provide Volunteers (and Officials) to help at County ASA events, and so most of these roles apply for these events as well.


At all galas we need a volunteer to record and log the results onto a laptop. They sit on pool-side next to the announcer and download the information given to them as the races progress. The training for this job can be done by sitting alongside a volunteer who has done the job before, so if you are computer literate and know your way around a spreadsheet this is for you.

The Door

For each gala a table is situated at the door to the spectator gallery which is manned by 2 people, one for entrance fees and one person for the raffle. This is also where programmes are sold and where spectators who wish to take photos must give their details. You do not need to supply anything when doing this job – raffle tickets and prizes will be supplied, as well as a float. You do need to arrive 30 minutes prior to warm-up – you’d be surprised how many people arrive very early.

Volunteers for the whipping area

The whipping area is an area at the pool where all the swimmers are held just before their race. This is only required for Club Championships. Volunteers are needed to make sure all the swimmers present get to the correct lane in the correct heat, in their chosen event. At Huntingdon this all takes place poolside down the side nearest to the spectators. It also means checking everyone in, on a list provided by the Head Coach, to make sure that everyone is logged onto the computer system for the event.


The drinks are given out to all the volunteers/officials on pool-side. We aim to keep everybody happy. We usually give out sweets too. All the equipment needed is put in to the first aid room on poolside. Drinks are taken around at various intervals.


To introduce each event / heat, team points etc.

Assistant Team Manager

You’ll be poolside with the coach and Team Manager, making sure the swimmers understand what event and lane they are swimming in. Your help will mean the coaches can concern themselves with coaching, knowing you have the swimmers under control.

The typical meets we need Assistant Team Managers for are the Junior Fenland League or the COPS Mini Meet. However, if we have a lot of swimmers attending a large Open Meet or the County Championships, then we may need several poolside helpers.

Electronic Timing Operator

At Piranhas we are fortunate enough to have Automated Officiating Equipment (AOE) which quite simply is Electronic Timing. This system (made by Omega) is operated from a laptop situated poolside, and it records the times for each swimmer in each lane and race. Like the recorders position, a basic level of computer literacy is required, and the role can be demonstrated and understood in a few sessions.

So, How Can I Help?

All these jobs may seem very daunting to newcomers, but if you are interested and have any questions or queries please contact a member of the committee. More information on Volunteering can be found on the ASA website.