County Champs report

Yesterday was a wonderful day for team Piranha and I couldn’t let it pass without saying a few brief words about our brilliant hardworking swimmers.

This was the first full day of the County Championships and we were at Peterborough. It is probably worth mentioning at this point that even before any of our swimmers had even dipped a toe in the water they had worked exceptionally hard to earn the right to compete in these championships. By qualifying they are already in the top 15% of swimmers in the county.

All our swimmers were exceptional not just in the pool but also on deck. The support they show each other and the way they represent the club is matched only by their great swimming.

  • Henry Pearce
  • Will Steel
  • Will Davies
  • Millie Steel
  • Ava Lessing-Caller
  • Skie Wallace
  • Emma Leslie
  • Chloe Phillips
  • Jess Mansfield
  • Amy Leslie
  • Hannah Daley
  • Emily Harman
  • Charlotte Riches
  • Charlotte Elson
  • Sam Gray
  • Dan Riches
  • Gavin Seaman
  • Joel Jordan

Between them this team racked up an amazing 33 personal best times, 6 gold’s, 3 silvers and 4 bronze medals. Well done everyone. A special mention and big congratulations to Ava who got her first regional time  – a wonderful achievement.

My last mention is for Livi Pearce who has trained hard for these Championships and was on great form (very close to a regional time) only to be injured last week and unable to swim. A hard blow for anyone but equipped with courage and determination Livi turned up anyway to support all the other swimmers with a smile on her face and words of encouragement. We all have our fingers crossed that she will make the last weekend of the counties.

We now have a little rest only to return again to Peterborough next Saturday to do it all again. I will keep you posted how we get on next week.

Enjoy the sunshine!