County Championships – 22 March

Well, Saturday saw us back at Peterborough for our second Saturday of the County Championships. It was another action packed, and I have to stress, long day for the swimmers. On days like this there is a lot of waiting around for them – for those who don’t know the day is divided into three sessions – so our day started at around 8am and finished at 8pm. Many of the swimmers were competing in all three sessions.

This weekend we had the following swimmers poolside throughout the day:

  • Tom Blenkiron
  • Hannah Daley
  • Will Davies
  • Charlotte Elson
  • Sam Gray
  • Emily Harman
  • Daisy Hodgson
  • Amy Leslie
  • Emma Leslie
  • Ava Lessing-Caller
  • Jess Mansfield
  • Ciera Norman
  • Bea Pauley
  • Henry Pearce
  • Chloe Phillips
  • Charlotte Riches
  • Will Steel
  • Millie Steel
  • Skie Wallace

and this magnificent team managed 43 personal best times, made 6 finals and a medal haul across both age group and finals of  – 4 gold, 6 silver and 5 bronze. This is a really fantastic result for the club and a real credit to the coaching team.

Being poolside you see both sides and it isn’t always pb’s and medals for the swimmers and it is as much about how they deal with things when they don’t go according to plan as it is the winning. This is when our squad really come into their own supporting each other.

Finally I would like to mention Emma Leslie who has been tremendous throughout these championships and is without doubt at the top of her game. Emma really is a shining example of a hard working swimmer who does not make a fuss but gets on with the job and does it with great style and success – Well done Em!

We have one more day to go and Sue and I cannot think of anywhere we would rather spend mother’s day than Cambridge pool with the kids! Some people are just too lucky! So as we summon up the last of our energy and put our best foot forward we wish the swimmers good luck for the last events and keep our fingers crossed for more pb’s and medals.