Flitwick Open Meet

For all those involved in this event, please see the Accepted Entries list posted on the club notice board. There is also a Race Schedule posted as well, or you can visit the Flitwick Dolphins website and down load a copy from their Open Meet area.

Day One: Saturday 25th October

Session 1: Warm up – 12.45pm. Start – 1.45pm.      Session 2: Warm up – 5.00pm. Start – 6.00pm TBC

Day Two: Sunday 26th October

Session 3: Warm up 12.45pm. Start – 1.45pm.       Session 4: Warm up 5.00pm. Start – 6.00pm TBC

So for each day, please make sure that you are there in good time to get changed & ready for the warm up. The pool address is Saxon Pool, Saxon Drive, Biggleswade, SG18 8SU