Important Notice re-County Championships

Would all swimmers and parents involved in the County Championships please read this email sent out from Ian Knight, the Cambs ASA Chairman. It deals with the events being swum on Saturday 30th January at Whittlesey (Sessions 4 & 5). Because the venue is a relatively unknown quantity for such a large event, several steps are in the process of being taken to help make the events run smoothly. Read on….

It has been decided for the benefit of swimmers, race control, officials and parents that both session 4 and 5 at Whittlesey only will be raced with pre-defined heats.

Cambs ASA recognises that for this particular venue everything will be new for all concerned and we would prefer to run the meet to a decided timeline. One way we can do this is to produce the start lists for all of the races prior to the day.  This will ensure that sufficient start lists will be available for Team Managers, Officials, Clerks of the Course, Announcers and recorders. Timekeeper sheets will be produced as well as all of the AOE considerations will be taken care of.  It would usually take some considerable time to do this between when withdrawals are finalised on the day and the start of racing.

We have therefore decided to bring forward the date of any withdrawals to Wednesday lunch time. So noon on Wednesday 27th Jan 2016.

In practice all this means is that if swimmers subsequently withdraw between this time and the start of the event or do not turn up on the day, then the event will be swum with no swimmer in the lane. The assigned lane order will be stuck to for each heat.

Start Lists will be shown on the Cambs ASA website (hopefully) sometime on Thursday 28th but certainly by Friday 29th so that all swimmers will be aware of the heat that they are swimming in.

This also allows the organisers and team managers time to allocate resources to marshalling swimmers on the day and parents will also be aware of the approximate time when their child is swimming.

Cambs ASA are expecting a very busy session especially for the 50m events and may have to restrict access to the viewing area based on fire requirements and safety.

Any parent that is willing to help us with marshalling duties will be able to organise their time with their fellow clerks of the course, to ensure that they will be able to view any races they are keen to see, so in that respect we hope you will help us to help you and come forward to assist us on the day.

If you are interested in helping in any way, then please email the Cambs ASA secretary using

Footnote: Swimmers should also come prepared for being ferried between the Sports Hall and the Swimming Pool, which will mean walking outside from one to the other (under supervision). With this in mind they should bring with them track suit bottoms/jogger pant and tops with outdoor shoes, as the weather may well be wet and cold. They will have time to change out of these clothes once in the pool, and prepare for their heat. Extra Time will be given to move swimmers from one place to another. Please remember that without this venue, the County Championships could not go ahead – and Cambs ASA are doing everything they can to make sure that it works, so please be patient on the day if things get a little crowded. Thank you