JFL: Saturday 30 March

On Saturday night we were in Newmarket for the next round of the Junior Fenland League. We were a mixed squad with some experienced swimmers and some who were experiencing their first gala. Whilst we didn’t score particularly highly we had some lovely swims and it is always great to get that first competitive swim under your belt.

What the new swimmers lacked in experience they made up for in enthusiasm and determination. I always wonder at how they summon up the courage to stand on the blocks let alone swim a race!

Our more experienced swimmers really helped to keep us in contention – they had a tough night with many swimming 5 races and the relay or fly across the age groups – all were fantastic with gutsy swims across the board.

It was really great to see them all supporting and cheering each other on. The team spirit we try and develop poolside is a really big part of what makes Huntingdon such a terrific club and why the kids love it.

Well done to the following swimmers who all took part on Saturday and swam so well.

  • Michael Drinkwater
  • Hannah-Amy Jordan
  • Rebecca Jordan
  • Ben Ritchie
  • Jack Badcock
  • Harriet Wylde
  • Jamie Coggins
  • Kerri Johnson
  • Will Edwards
  • Tyler Thacker
  • Connor Thacker
  • Havana Miller
  • Natasha Manton
  • Lotty Wylde

Thank you also parents/carers for bringing your swimmers to events and then sitting and supporting them – it is much appreciated.