Kent Camp Update #1

Group photo!


Well, after leaving “sunny” Huntingdon we all arrived safely after a somewhat windy bus journey … the Dartford crossing was limited to 3 lanes from the normal 5.

We threaded our way down the last 3 miles of country lane and reached our sumptuous accommodation … half of the children carried their bags and 4 or 5 brought enough for 3 weeks on a Caribbean cruise!!!! And these bags we carried for them – thanks parents!!

After a quick run around getting bags to rooms and inside shoes and outside shoes ready, it was off to the pool.

Lanes have been allocated and after a brief instruction from the team here, we were off…

Let me say that 3 or 4 swimmers are already asking to be moved down a lane, but they all performed really well and finished their first session tired but happy.

Sue the lovely cook had prepared a buffet for us all and after eating their fill we returned to the hall for a quick change into PJ’s and bed.

All are well

All are well

All are well

And once again, ALL ARE WELL

We will be providing updates on the children and some updates from them tomorrow.

Good night one and all.