Kent Camp Update #2

Will Edwards: John has gone mad. Swimming today two x two hour lessons. John is wearing all black and white clothes. Gavin is pulling off the top less move. soon we are going to have break fused.

Phoenix:  John is in a black and white movie. No sleep last night.

Emma: one word, tired.

Millie,Bea and Ava: We had a knocking riot in our dorms. I am so annoyed that Ava was to loud last night.I NEVER GOT ANY SLEEP. Yes you did. I shut up in the end, and I know you got to sleep because I heard you SNORING! By the way, I heard lots of wind, whistling and KNOCKING on our doors and walls!

Livvy: Barely got any sleep last night, the wind was really strong and it was so cold!   x

Amy Leslie: I didn’t get the most sleep last night as the wind was verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryy loud and Livvy decided to have a conversation in her sleep. She said something along the lines of sarcastic sofas? And worrying about the little children not being able to sleep? Other than that, I really like Sue (our cook) as she makes yummy after swimming snacks. John has already raged at us, but we are staying strong, wish us luck.