Kent Camp Update #3

Amy: This morning, we started the day with a horrible two hour swim although I quite enjoyed it as it was a Breaststroke set, but everyone else AKA Henry Pearce, did not like it that much. And surprise surprise, John even decided to do a little dance as he was THAT happy. After training very hard, in the last half hour, we did a 15 minute non stop swim which made us very tired and made all of our faces very red. Then we came back and had a nice lunch of jacket potatoes, beans and cheese, then went and did some fun team working activities. Right now, we have just finished land training which was absolutely horrible as Gavin and John made us work very hard, but at the beginning John had a laughing fit which took us all by surprise as we have never seen him so happy!!!! We even have photo proof! Right this minute, I am lying on the sofa in the common room NOT looking forward to this next two hour set, I feel a few rages coming along from John. Wish us luck, Amy x

Natasha: this morning we started with a horrible start we had trouble to get up in the morning and Emily’s surprise party failed completely like me and Skie actually meant to plan. We have already finished 2 hours of swimming and 1 hour of land training and 2 hours of string trail and also we are going to do some more swimming but we can’t because someone else is swimming right now. After the first session of swimming we had to do some more (15 minutes) John made us do 15 mins of non-stop swimming front-crawl also we were extremely tired after that because it was very long and it was in lengths. The rooms we have are exceptionally nice but the wind is extremely annoying and disappointing because we would expect better than that because we wanted a better time but we all enjoy it..
Wish us LUCK!!!!!!!!!! Natasha x

Connor: we started the morning with me saying”agh! I forgot my shorts land training and kept talking to Mason about the shorts, but I didn’t know Mason was up so I woke him up and he was not happy about that. Later on we had to watch a salsa swimming video, at one point we had to look at the girl’s legs while she was doing breaststroke kick