Kent Camp Update #4

Amy, Emma, Will and Henry: to start the day John was picking the gone off shampoo out of the toilet.

Amy, Emma, Will and Henry: John is still convincing us to pee in the pool -never gonna happen!!!!!!!!!!! Then Henry did some funny dance thing that made John laugh. That’s a first, and guess what, that didn’t last to long.

Skie, Natasha and Emily: had a good laugh about lots and lots of ordinary stuff lol xxx

Liv: had such a fabulous day! We did high ropes which were really fun and exhilarating and I love the adrenaline rush that heights give me. I was also really proud of Henry, Natasha and Will who all did really well in conquering their fear of heights and did really well on the activities. Although the swim training this morning was super hard, and I can say now that I HATE BACKSTROKE and it is SUPER tiring!!!! Other than that I had fun, especially when teasing John about the cook Sue who has a soft spot for him. thanks everyone!

Phoenix: We were going to do 2 hours swimming after lunch but because we didn’t do any yesterday we now have to do 5 hours to day NNNOOO!!!!!! it’s going to be very boring.

Sue P: just to let you know that everyone, without exception is working really hard in the pool. Lou and I have also attended John’s stroke lectures and it’s been really informative. Who knew there were so much theory in this swimming lark??? Not just about going up and down a lane as fast as you can … learning lots of new things, like John Richards moisturises after each swim! I thought he had help with maintaining such a smooth and youthful skin tone.

What an amazing bunch of kids these Piranhas are.