Kent Camp Update #5

Kerry: I was on a trip to Kent with my swimming club and the four days we were at Kent was the best time of my life I want to go back to Kent again. I love being with my swimming group. This is the best swimming group ever. I love swimming at piranhas swimming club. Kent is the best place ever. I have done rock climbing and a load of swimming and some classes of how,to do certain strokes. Being in Kent is a lifetime to me.

Ava: we are having a brilliant laugh, but John is a total MEANIE! He gave us a really hard set today, and I am pretty sure I won’t forgive him for a long time! But aren’t coaches just MEANT to be mean?! Loads of people are feeling sick due to all the hard work we are doing, but we are having a GREAT time! Xx

Emily: had a really tiring day and most people are tired. 2 people walked into a door and we had lots of cake. We had a 10 minute straight swim and it got really tiring. Everyone’s having a great time though.

Havana: had the most awesome time  today even though I thought I would collapse. It was the most hard training day I think I have had so far. Lou woke us up this morning even though we all nearly fell back to sleep! ( LOL ). This swimming camp is EPIC!!!!!!!! I love it!i think that this 2014 winter intensive training camp will do us all good. It’s so different. We all need a lot of sleep! ( even though we don’t get any ).

Ciera:  Omg this camp is so hard,but I am in enjoying it. I am so tired i feel like I am going to die.But I am ready for tomorrow.

Connor: sleep that’s what I need. Today was five hours of training omg it was so hard. As well we watch another stupid sick com music backstroke video. Last day tomorrow lets make it the bomb.

Amy: Today was soo fun but very hard at the same time. First of all we started the day with a lovely breakfast made by our chef sue (she has a soft spot for John) then went straight in to a backstroke set. It was hard but we all survived and managed to do the full 2 hours. After that we did a really fun activity, some did the high ropes and some did rock climbing. I did high ropes and it was amazing and very exhilarating. I found it quite scary but it was definitely the highlight of the trip so far. Then we had ANOTHER hard training session but once again we all survived. And after a 45 minute rest, we got back in the pool again and had a very hard set AGAIN. At the end of the last training session, almost everyone felt sick but me, Henry and Emma were keeping the spirits high! Then we had dinner and now I’m sitting here in the common room RELAXING (something the coaches don’t like us doing). Overall I’m having a wonderful time and even though John does like to push us hard, I am having fun.

PS John is still trying to make us pee in the pool but no one is convinced.