Newmarket Sprint Open Meet

This event will take place on Sunday 1 December, at the Newmarket Leisure Centre, Exning Road, Newmarket, CB8 0EA (See map in Information section).

Session 1:   Warm up at: 08.00am  Start at 09.00am.

Session 2 will start at about 12.45pm. and,

Session 3 at about 4.15pm (these times will be confirmed after session 1)

There is a list of the accepted entries on the notice board and you can also download the full list of accepted  entries.

Programme of Events

Age is at 1st December 2013 Cut Off Times apply

Session 1: start time 09.00am warm up time 08.00am
Event Male Event Female
1 100m Breaststroke 2 100m Backstroke
3 50m Backstroke 4 50m Freestyle
5 100m Freestyle 6 100m Breaststroke
7 50m Butterfly 8 50m Butterfly
9 4x25m Freestyle Mixed Team Relay 9U & 10U 10 4x50m Medley Mixed Team Relay 11U & 12U
Session 2: start time TBA warm up time TBA
11 200m IM 12 200m IM
13 100m Backstroke 14 100m Freestyle
15 50m Breaststroke 16 50m Backstroke
17 4x25m Medley Mixed Team Relay 9U & 10U 18 4x50m Freestyle Mixed Team Relay 11U & 12U
Session 3: start time TBA warm up time TBA
19 100m IM 20 100m IM
21 50m Freestyle 22 50m Breaststroke
23 100m Butterfly 24 100m Butterfly
25 200m Freestyle 26 200m Freestyle