Club Champs Entries – January 2019

I have collated a list of the key marginal events based on the PBs. Please email me what events you would like to enter although this will just be a request time permitting at the moment. We will hopefully have another full Club Champs soon where it will be a good opportunity to gain times in other events for the younger swimmers.

Please let me know ASAP before 22 December 2018. I will recirculate the list once the times have been updated from COPS Winter Open as it may generate more key marginal CQTs or may allow a space for another swimmer.

Kind regards,



Name Distance Stroke PB Time to find Percentage to find
Connor Thacker 100 Fly  
Kian Lee 200 IM  
Savannah Baxendale 50 BK 39.7 0.34 0.86%
Alice Lawrence 50 BK 37.71 0.22 0.56%
Csanad Rehus 100 FR 1.25.91 0.91 1.06%
Csanad Rehus 200 BR 4.12.55 2.15 0.85%
Kian Lee 100 BK 1.35.05 0.05 0.05%
Isaac Lawrence 200 IM 3.21.63 1.03 0.51%
Dom Pauley 100 BR 1.39.45 1.33 1.34%
Dom Pauley 100 IM 1.31.32 1.68 1.84%
Alex Allen 50 FR 32.49 0.47 1.45%
Toby Norman 100 BK 1.18.11 0.05 0.28%
Toby Norman 100 Fly 1.18.75 0.22 0.06%
Will Coggins 50 BR 42.98 0.24 0.56%
Michael Drinkwater 50 BK 36.95 0.06 0.16%
Jamie Coggins 100 BK 1.22.34 0.33 0.40%
Ashlee McCarthy 50 FR 43.24 1.7 3.93%
Emma Walshe 200 FR 3.23.43 9.73 4.78%
Emma Walshe 200 BR 4.18.53 11.35 4.39%
Ruby Brace 50 FR 43.07 1.53 3.55%
Rebecca Lucas 50 FR 42.96 1.42 3.31%
Amelia Shears 50 BR 57.03 2.44 4.28%
Jorja Badcock 50 FR 38.2 1.4 3.66%
Amelia Roberts 100 FR 1.16.82 2.04 2.66%
Alice Lawrence 50 BR 38.12 0.98 2.57%
Alice Lawrence 100 FR 1.13.29 1.67 2.28%
Alice Lawrence 50 Fly 1.35.10 3.88 4.08%
Bea Pauley 100 FR 1.13.45 1.83 2.49%
Bea Pauley 200 FR 2.40.01 5.96 3.72%
Bea Pauley 100 Fly 38.89 1.4 3.60%
Caitlyn Shears 50 FR 34.24 1.52 4.44%
Adam Wiacek 50 FR 42.65 1.97 4.62%
Adam Wiacek 50 BR 58.74 2.19 3.73%
Josh Trinidad 50 FR 33.56 1.54 4.59%
Kian Lee 200 FR 3.23.49 9.9 4.87%
Ed Foster 50 FR 38.86 1.88 4.84%
Alex Allen 100 FR 1.13.37 1.52 2.07%
Isaac Lawrence 50 Fly 44.48 1.99 4.47%
Dom Pauley 50 BR 46.02 1.14 2.48%
Michael Drinkwater 100 Fly 1.20.80 2.74 3.39%
Michael Drinkwater 100 BK 1.21.07 2.54 3.13%
Jamie Coggins 200 FR 2.25.20 4.08 2.81%
Jamie Coggins 200 BK 2.59.53 4.25 2.37%
Connor Thacker 100 BK 1.14.87 2.57 3.43%
Other open events if empty lanes- Caleb Macleod/ Lewis Lawrence/ others that have moved groups recently and may wish to compete or others that want to ‘get a time’ for a different event

Message from Matt

I just wanted to put together a note to thank everyone for their help and support over the past few months especially those people that were pivotal to the success of the Christmas Cracker 2018. We have had an excellent start to the season and this is because of the swimmer’s hard work.

Christmas Training Timetable

The training timetable is attached to this email and has been updated and the details can be found on the Christmas Training Timetable page.

County entries

I am still awaiting an entry file from Cambs ASA and will enter all current swimmers for the events they have qualified for and swim. Please let me know what (if any) you would like to be entered if you are swimming for more than one club. I will tally up refunds and entries submitted as soon as possible. These will be submitted in batches to avoid a club rejection albeit highly unlikely given the published meet structure. Any rejected entries from COPS Winter Open Meet will then be given back to you or used to pay for any entries into this competition.

Club Champs County Time Trial

I am in the process of analysing the times and prioritise people that are the closest to achieving a county time to swim specific events. Due to time constraints, this will be limited, and further information will be released in due course. If there are empty lanes then these will be offered to swimmers in the Black and Red Squads on a first come, first served basis that could achieve county times with regional times being prioritised after the counties.

Black and Red Squads

Goal sheets and gym plans will be sent out over the festive period when I am catching up with admin work and we will publish an updated competition calendar. We will be entering Senior Fenland League (SFL) and Anglian League as Huntingdon Piranhas Swimming Club filling spaces with COPS swimmers as I know some of you have already competed with COPS for the National Arena League.

On a personal note, I would like to wish all swimmers and parents a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Enjoy the festive period.


10 questions for the head coach

  1. What did you learn that surprised you most when you joined Piranhas?
    How supportive and friendly the club is!
  2. What has been your greatest extravagance?
    I’m an Apple fanboy.
  3. What’s the best coaching advice you’ve ever received?
    If you want to achieve something new then you have do something that you have not done before!
  4. What’s the most important lesson life has taught you?
    Use your heart and head when making decisions! Be happy!
  5. What’s your claim to fame (if you have one)?
    Olympic Torchbearer for London 2012 Olympics
  6. What’s your favourite time of the day and why?
    Morning if there’s a coffee, evening if there’s a “soft” beverage
  7. What would people be surprised to know about you?
    The amount of various things I am involved with
  8. What’s your favourite book or film and why?
    Harry Potter because this was a story I grew up with.
  9. If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet and why?
    Michael Jackson – anyone who created Thriller has to be worth it
  10. What are your main objectives for the club in the next 12 months?
    Provide opportunities for all swimmers to achieve their aims and own potential, developing the club as a whole for both competitive and non-competitive members

Officials training sessions

The county will be running a JL1 and JL2 course on the 11 November 2018 at the City of Peterborough Regional pool.

Anyone wishing to sign up for this courses needs to have an ASA number (using the ASA membership form) and fill out the Training application form to sign up for course. Please fill this in and send to Dave Metcalf either via email or post before the start of the course.

ASA East Region: Mr D Metcalf, 3 Farsands, Oakley, Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK43 7SJ Tel: 01234 825289

If you are available and wish to attend then please use the sign-up tool to show that you will be attending the session and complete this application form.

Please read carefully the outline of training below:

11 November – Vivacity Leisure Centre, Peterborough

10.00 – Judge Level 1 (JL1) Theory Course: This is for anyone who has attended and passed the TK course and wishes to continue with the JL1.

12.15 – Judge Level 2 (JL2) Theory Course: This is for anyone that is qualified to JL1 and has completed the relevant hours post qualification.

No one should be signed up for more than 1 session, unless you are doing JL2 and need the FINA update.


Blackline 2018: Issue 1

The new Blackline is here!

As we strive to improve everything we do at the club, we’re changing the way we send out emails. This will help us to communicate more effectively and you will now be able to manage your own profile. If you’re aware of anyone who is not receiving these emails, please let them know that they can sign-up for the updates using a very simple form on the website.
Sign up for Blackline emails

Junior Fenland League Final

Good luck to all the swimmers in the B Final on Saturday. Final reminder of the details:

  • Pool: Whittlesey (March are hosting)
  • 5:30pm meet
  • 6:00pm warm up
  • 6:30pm start

Please contact Matt Newton or Liz Coggins if you need any further details or have any issues.

Half term training

Saturday, 20 October is training as normal (no training Saturday, 27 October).

Tuesday, 23 October

Tuesday evening training 7:00-8:30pm  – this is for swimmers who currently swim 7:00pm on Tuesdays, 7:30pm Fridays and in lane 4 at 8:00pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Thursday, 25 October

Thursday evening training 8:00-9:30pm – this is for swimmers who swim in lanes 1, 2 and 3 at 8:00pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and Friday 8:30pm.

New squads, new pools

From Tuesday, 30 October, we will be making the change to the new squad swimming timetable. Full details of the new timetable can be found on the website – email Matt Newton if you have any questions around times, pools or squads.

View new timetable

Blackline 17/10/18 – JFL FINAL

For all those swimming in the JFL B Final – Please be at Whittlesey for 5.30pm

6.00pm warm up
6.30pm start


Coach – Matt Newton
Team mangers – Liz Coggins & Neil Drinkwater

Blackline 14/10/18 – Head Coach Email

Parents; Athletes

CC Coaches

Apologies for the delay in the email reaching you, I have been working hard as I know many others have to drive forwards the club development with lots of changes after speaking with parents, athletes, coaches and committee members.

I attached the following for reference:

>Squad lists (I am aware some people are missing so do get in touch- this is based on your current lanes)

>Squad criteria

>Squad training timetable

>Competition calendar

>Pyramid of success

Squad structure and training going forwards

Please find attached the documents that have also been posted at the pool. This affects the older swimmers. I need to begin to draw up a list of swimmers that would like to do the gym sessions and who will be invited as they need to attend an induction session (cost £10-£15 as a one off then £3-£4 per session on a pay as you go basis with myself or another Strength and Conditioning Qualified Coach).

In addition, I am looking at seeing if we could do a land training session for everyone which David Jakeman has already agreed to help us in the new year as well as reviewing groupings, pool time and sessions available hopefully if the sessions are well supported by the swimmers. This would not be in place until 2019 in the new year.

Notice board and club communication

We are currently updating the website and notice boards with the latest and current information. Please do keep checking these.

VOLUNTEER(S) NEEDED– For collating a monthly club newsletter.


Video sessions can be a good way to identify elements of good technique and areas for development. Please let me know if this is something that would be of interest giving written permission (again one for the older session) so they can see themselves and receive visual feedback.


Please can all members ensure they have a club kit for poolside especially when we go to competitions.

Club Champs

I have recently seen whether it would be possible to add further opportunities to swim events and so have spoken with Ben who has agreed for Huntingdon swimmers to enter the COPS club champs under Huntingdon and we can use these dates (normally a Saturday evening). This has a number of advantages- sharing officials and volunteers, better competition for our swimmers and more opportunities (two internal swims each season for each event eg. 50 FR).


As always, we are looking for people to help poolside, officials and new committee members as many hands make light work- please do get in touch if this is of interest.

Good luck to those swimmers who are competing this weekend. I am very excited to see how we get on!

I look forward to continuing the development of the club.

Thanks and Kind Regards,

Matt Newton

Head Coach

Huntingdon Piranhas Swimming Club

Draft LTAD for Huntingdon.docx

Piranhas squad sheet.docx

Pyramid Piranhas.docx

Squad Training Timetable Draft.docx

v2Huntingdon Swim Calendar V1 Sept – Dec 2018[4].docx