Training Session – Friday 5th June

Training Session Friday 5th June

Starting this week, the Friday night training session will move to its new 2 hour format. All swimmers, membership level permitting, are welcome (if in any doubt please check with Linda).

The 19.30 session is now for swimmers from the current Friday night session who swim in Lanes 3 and 4  plus those swimming at 19.00 Tuesdays and Lane 4 swimmers Wednesdays and Thursdays.  This will be a mix of widths and lengths and focus junior swimmers on core skills.

The 20.30 session is for more senior swimmers – Lanes 1 and 2 from all sessions, Lane 3 from Wednesday and Thursday.  This will be a technical training session suited to those swimmers.

We are also going to use the Junior session to help Seniors who would like to get involved and gain experience working with younger swimmers whilst supported by the coaches.

If you have any questions, directly to Deana or Mike please.